Here’s How To Learn Your First Instrument

Posted on May 12, 2014 by Pizza Band

Getting Started in the World of Music

Learning a new instrument may be a difficult challenge, especially if it is your first. We’ve found that in addition to non-stop practice, there needs to be a solid educational approach as well, such as taking a class or enrolling in an online lesson. We highly recommend that someone who wants to enter the world of music learns the drum first, before moving onto the piano, bass or guitar. The drum will teach the musician the necessary technique, timing, and rhythm that is needed to join a band.

Online Lessons For Faster Improvement with the Drums

We recommend online lessons for drummers because they are affordable and effective, and they can be completed at your own pace. Additionally, you can re-watch the training until you get a good grasp on your abilities. Traditional on-location lessons don’t have this feature. If the student fails to grasp something with a one-on-one instructed lesson, the student can’t simply ‘rewind’ the lesson the next day to practice it more. This has been a major downfall for many students — not keeping up with the instructor’s speed of teaching.

Learning online is almost necessary for new musicians because that pressure aspect is not present. Students that we have talked to say they wouldn’t be able to improve without the structure and elegance of learning online.

Online Drumming Resources Make it Easier For You to Learn

In addition to paid online lessons, there are plenty of free resources for drummers out there. And, while in-person lessons emphasize quick learning, quick practice, and quick improvement, resources show that slower practice makes perfect. Online lessons provide you the perfect platform to practice slowly and efficiently. And quite surprisingly, practicing in such a way will actually speed up how fast you learn the instrument. Crazy, huh?

We fully recommend the teaching and instruction that the website Street Beat Online provides. They’ve provided a very simple, easy-to-understand system for new musicians and drummers alike. Tell them that we sent you!

So, in conclusion, by practicing slower, practicing at your own pace, practicing in the comfort of your own home, you can progressively increase the ability at which you can play a new instrument.